Advanced Schema Design Patterns

June 23, 2017

Speaker: Daniel Coupal, Senior Curriculum Engineer, MongoDB 
Level: 200 (Intermediate)
Track: Developer

At this point, you may be familiar with the design of MongoDB databases and collections, however what are the frequent patterns you may have to model?

This presentation will build on the knowledge of how to represent common relationships (1-1, 1-N, N-N) into MongoDB. Going further than relationships, this presentation aims at identifying a set of common patterns in a similar way the Gang of Four did for Object Oriented Design. Finally, this presentation will guide you through the steps of modeling those patterns into MongoDB collections.

What You Will Learn:

How to create the appropriate MongoDB collections for some of the patterns discussed.

The different relationships from the relational databases world, and understand how those translate to MongoDB collections.

The patterns that are frequently seen in developing applications with MongoDB, and a specific vocabulary with which to refer to them. For example, “Subset”, “Attributes” and “Rolled Up” are among some of the patterns explored.

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