Enabling Clinical Research in the Real World

June 21, 2017

Speaker: Brenda Deverell Cortez, Software Developer, Koneksa Health 
Speaker: Tom Hosford, VP Engineering, Koneksa Health 
Level: 100 (Beginner)
Track: Developer

Koneksa Health has built an application from the ground up to capture real world patient data in clinical trials. Patients with respiratory disease who formerly could only visit a hospital to measure key data points are now able to capture data with a small device from their own home. This example driven presentation will focus on how a full stack javascript development approach, with Mongo and Node, has been used to build the Koneksa Compare application, with emphasis on the technical challenges encountered and how these have been overcome by the application developers.

What You Will Learn:

Data modeling and join strategies leveraging Mongoose and NodeJS

Performance techniques for building a fast and efficient user experience

Fault tolerance strategies for building a rock-solid, reliable application

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