Experian Health: Moving Universal Identity Manager from ANSI SQL to MongoDB

June 23, 2017

Speaker: Sean Reisz, Senior Software Architect, Experian Health 
Speaker: Dimuthu Wijetilleke, Senior Software Developer, Experian Health 
Track: RDBMS to MongoDB

Experian Health provides industry-leading revenue cycle management, identity management, patient
engagement and care management solutions to power opportunities in the healthcare industry. The
company has developed the Universal Identity Manager (UIM) platform to match records and across
healthcare clients to address duplicate record challenges and facilitate information exchange within and
across healthcare enterprises. The product was originally architected around a standard ANSI SQL
database. This solution worked for a time, but volume and performance requirements, as well as
increasing complexity of the data model, prompted the exploration of other options. In this discussion,
we will cover how we were able to modify the existing SQL structure to take advantage of MongoDB’s
document object model. We will also discuss improvements that MongoDB allowed us to implement to
simplify document retrieval and modification. Audience members only need basic MongoDB understanding, but should have a grasp of the core concepts.

What You Will Learn:

1. The steps to migrate from a traditional SQL architecture to a MongoDB architecture, including improvements and iterations *to simplify the migration.

Understand the design of a reference architecture for a performant and highly available application using MongoDB

Architect performance and scale comparisons between traditional SQL database schemas and the MongoDB document model

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