Find the Truth with MongoDB: A Reference Architecture for Single-View Applications

June 22, 2017

Speaker: André Spiegel, Principal Consulting Engineer, MongoDB 
Speaker: Anant Srivastava, Senior Consulting Engineer, MongoDB 
Level: 300 (Advanced)
Track: Application Architecture

Many customers want to build single view systems with MongoDB. For example, a company may have data about their customers in several different systems, but currently they have no way of finding out that customer A in system 1 is the same person as customer B in system 2. Doing this involves good schema design and sophisticated fuzzy matching techniques. Over the past few years, I have supported many customers with implementing this single view. This talk distills what we've learned from implementing single view use cases with many customers, and it sketches a reference architecture and reusable code components to build those Single View systems quickly for any customer that wants it.

What You Will Learn:

Best practices for modeling data for single-view applications

Fuzzy matching techniques to resolve entities across data stores

The fundamentals of a single-view reference architecture and other reusable components and how to apply them to your own use case

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