Getting Started with MongoDB Using the Microsoft Stack

June 23, 2017

Speaker: John Randolph, Sr. Software Developer, Gexa Energy 
Level: 100 (Beginner)
Track: Developer

Gexa has implemented several applications using MongoDB as a document repository storing multiple types of files (PDF, XLS, CSV, etc.). This entry level session is intended to share what we’ve learned in developing and deploying our first applications in an on premise, Microsoft environment. We’ll provide architectural and development information about what we’ve done. The focus is to help get your projects up-to-speed more quickly. This will be useful to teams moving from pilot to production and for developers getting started with the .Net MongoDB drivers. Plenty of code samples will be shown. We’ll discuss our successful engagement with MongoDB Consulting to help us design and deploy a high-quality production environment.

What You Will Learn:

Ideas how to store and retrieve documents of different sizes, types, and volumes. We’ll describe the storage, partitioning and indexing techniques used that provide sub-second retrieval from collections with over 100 million records.

The issues addressed moving to production, including: backup, disaster recovery, SSL, using replica sets, implementing authorization and authentication, changing default setting, and creating a full path-to-production set of environments.

A successful pattern for building applications with .Net, providing teams some ideas to jump-start their development along with tips and tricks for using the .Net drivers.

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