Jumpstart: Your Introduction to MongoDB

June 21, 2017

Speaker: Jay Gordon, Developer Advocate, MongoDB 
Level: 100 (Beginner)
Track: Jumpstart

MongoDB has grown into one of the world's more popular databases and continues to expand it's reach to developers. In this talk we will discuss MongoDB foundations that attendees can use to begin their journey in creating new apps. By the end of the talk, members attending should feel prepared for the rest of their time at MongoDB World with essential information on how MongoDB works. There is no need to have previous experience with MongoDB to attend this talk, however basic understanding of database systems is recommended.

What You Will Learn:

Basic understanding of how MongoDB is similar to, yet different from, relational database systems.

How MongoDB can be installed to begin working with it immediately.

Understand the various models in which they can host MongoDB within bare metal and the cloud.

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