Securing Your Enterprise Web Apps with MongoDB Enterprise

June 23, 2017

Speaker: Tom Spitzer, Vice President, Engineering, EC Wise, Inc. 
Level: 200 (Intermediate)
Track: Security

MongoDB Enterprise adds robust enterprise level capabilities to the core security feature set that MongoDB Community Server provides. This session will cover MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Security features. The audience will learn how to integrate MongoDB authentication with enterprise Kerberos and LDAP authentication services, how to set up storage encryption with the WiredTiger storage engine, and how to set up auditing to capture what the database is doing at all times. We will also explain FIPS compliance for those not familiar with federal guidelines, and touch upon MongoDB’s FIPS compliant security features.

What You Will Learn:

How to integrate MongoDB Enterprise with enterprise authentication systems such as Kerberos and LDAP authentication.

How MongoDB Enterprise’s encrypted storage engine protects your data, and how to enable it. Attendees will also learn about key management and integration with Key Management Interoperability Protocol (“KMIP”) compatible keystores.

About Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, a U.S. government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules, and how to implement MongoDB Enterprise for compliance with that standard.

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