Sizing MongoDB Clusters

June 23, 2017

Speaker: Jay Runkel, Principal Solution Architect, MongoDB 
Level: 200 (Intermediate)
Track: Operations

When architecting a MongoDB application, one of the most difficult questions to answer is how much hardware (number of shards, number of replicas, and server specifications) am I going to need for an application. Similarly, when deploying in the cloud, how do you estimate your monthly AWS, Azure, or GCP costs given a description of a new application? While there isn’t a precise formula for mapping application features (e.g., document structure, schema, query volumes) into servers, there are various strategies you can use to estimate the MongoDB cluster sizing. This presentation will cover the questions you need to ask and describe how to use this information to estimate the required cluster size or cloud deployment cost.

What You Will Learn:

How to architect a sharded cluster that provides the required computing resources while minimizing hardware or cloud computing costs

How to use this information to estimate the overall cluster requirements for IOPS, RAM, cores, disk space, etc.

What you need to know about the application to estimate a cluster size

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