Transforming a Large Mission-Critical E-Commerce Platform from a Relational Architecture to MongoDB

June 23, 2017

Speaker: Gaurav Goyal, Sr IT Architect, Cisco Systems Inc 
Speaker: Dharmesh Panchmatia, Director, Cisco Systems Inc 
Level: 200 (Intermediate)
Track: RDBMS to MongoDB

Cisco’s e-commerce platform is a suite of 35 different applications and 300+ services that powers product configuration, pricing, quoting, and order booking across all Cisco product lines including hardware, software, services and subscriptions. It’s a B2B platform used by Cisco Sales Team, Partners and Direct Customers, serving 140,000 unique users across the globe, handling 4 million transactions per day. The Benefits of migrating to MongoDB were as follows: 1) 5x performance improvement, 2) Fault tolerant architecture, 3) Continuous deployments and upgrades with zero downtime, 4) Faster application development.

What You Will Learn:

How to transform your e-commerce platform to enable cloud native architecture.

Bulk data migration in real time between relational databases & MongoDB.

Best practices for brownfield migration for mission critical systems.

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